PlayStation Plus Essential Is Getting A Day One Launch Title In February

Ready to get foamy?

Square Enix has finally announced the release date for the PS5 and PS4 exclusive multiplayer “party shooter,” Foamstars, which will be making its debut on February 6th.

Better yet, it’s announced that Foamstars will be launching into February’s PlayStation Plus Essential line-up on day one, meaning users with any level of PlayStation Plus subscription will be able to claim it between February 6th and March 5th, and play it for as long as they have an active membership.

Given how crucial it is for the game to build a strong online player base, and its PlayStation exclusivity, launching as part of PlayStation Plus’ monthly offering reads as a great idea.

For those who’ve missed it before now, Foamstars pits teams of players against each other in a variety of modes with traditional shooting replacing by (you guessed it) foam. It’s all about using foam not just to overpower and kill Chill your enemies but also as a means of traversal and strategy. Players will be able to use foam to create terrain as cover or to gain high ground, or even to surf across at high speeds using their Slideboard.

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Set in “Bath Vegas,” the game certainly has an infectious, party vibe going for it that very well could land with players. The studio has pledged to support it for at least a year with free content updates as well, promising that all players will have access to any new characters, modes or maps and that while a “battle pass” will be offered it’ll be purely for things like cosmetics or faster unlocks.