Helldivers 2 Players Are Getting A Big XP Boost This Weekend So Get Around It

It's all thanks to Managed Democracy.

Helldivers 2 developer Arrowhead Game Studios has offered its players an olive branch after an issue in-game was preventing players from receiving their proper payout of rewards after completing missions.

In a message on X, deputy game director Sagar Beroshi has told fans that a temporary 50% boost to XP and Requisition will be in effect for all players, running from right now until Sunday, February 18th (time zones permitting). This will happen via the game’s very neat Game Master system which gives Arrowhead staff the ability to change things up in-game for any or all players in real-time, which Beroshi has previously compared to being a dungeon or games master in tabletop gaming.

The full message reads:

“Sagar here, Deputy Game Director on Helldivers 2. We’re aware of a problem that has caused some player rewards to not pay out properly at the end of missions. We are working on a fix for this, but in the meantime, we want to try to alleviate the impact as we head into the weekend.

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“Therefore, from now until the end of this Sunday, February 18th (CET), the game will grant all players XP and Requisition at a 50% multiplier on top of your base mission score. You can tell this additional multiplier is active when you see a Game Master Effect labeled “Accounting Corrections” while on the Super Destroyer.

“Many thanks for your patience and support (and for the glorious cascade of memes you’ve been sharing!). Now get back down there, Helldivers, and defend our territory against those Automaton incursions!”