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Final Fantasy XVI’s Huge The Rising Tide DLC Is Available Now

Leviathan is finally here!

Update: And it’s here! Final Fantasy XVI’s The Rising Tide DLC dropped overnight so fans who purchase it (or who picked up the game’s Season Pass) can download it from the PlayStation Store and get exploring a whole new open-zone location with hours of new quests, an epic fight against the Eikon, Leviathan, and plenty of secret stuff to uncover.

Final Fantasy XVI The Rising Tide is available for $29.95. Check it out at the link here.

Original Story: During a panel at the weekend’s PAX East show in the US, Square Enix brought with it an exciting slate of new looks and information around The Rising Tide, the second and biggest expansion for last year’s Final Fantasy XVI, including a new trailer and a release date.

The Rising Tide, which introduces an Eikon that was mysteriously absent in the main game in Leviathan, will launch for PS5 on April 18th, 2024.

This new expansion looks to be significantly bigger than the last, Echoes of the Fallen, and will include hours of new quests in brand-new locations, and of course will feature another massive playable Eikon showdown. Clive will also be joined by a brand-new ally named Shula as well as get access to a new palette of Eikonic abilities, there’ll be new gear to equip and a whole new challenge mode with 20 floors of ultra-tough combat for players to master.

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Along with the DLC, Square Enix is also releasing a fresh update for the base game on the same day, April 18th, which will add the following:

  • Return to a quest giver immediately with the new “Quick Complete” function
  • Icon updates for important character quests
  • A new Skill Set feature, which allows players to save up to five unique Feat and Ability sets
  • Abilities and Accessories adjusted for easier use
  • New “Custom” controller type allows for freely customisable button layouts
  • Tone correction, screen effects, and more added to Photo Mode
  • Numerous new orchestrion rolls added

“An unmarked letter arrives at the hideaway containing a request most curious: the Dominant of Leviathan, long lost Eikon of Water, is in need of rescue,” reads the official description of The Rising Ride.

“To heed this call, Clive and his companions must journey to Mysidia—a hidden land under a blue sky—where they will uncover the tragic history of a forgotten people.”

You can watch the full trailer for Final Fantasy XVI: The Rising Tide just below:

In our review of the game’s previous, smaller expansion, we said, “Somewhat appropriately, Echoes of the Fallen feels like a vague echo of CBU III’s epic RPG, faintly calling back the game’s excellent combat and intriguing Fallen lore in mostly expected ways.”