Outlast 2 Physical Edition Has Been Delayed On Xbox One In Australia

It’s been revealed to Press Start that the physical edition of Outlast 2 has been delayed on Xbox One in Australia. It will now release on May 5th for Xbox gamers. Outlast 2 is being released physically as a part of the Outlast Trinity Collection which contains the first game, the Whistleblower collection and Outlast 2. It will retail for $59.

The PlayStation 4 edition will continue to release on April 26th.

It’s unclear whether the Xbox One version will continue to release digitally on April 26th, but we’ve reached out to the distributor for comment.

Outlast 2 has had a very interesting development period. The game was originally said to have been refused classification, but it was later revealed to be an error in submission that led to the game being refused classification. It’s now confirmed that Australia will get the same version as everywhere else in the world

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