It Looks Like Control Is Coming to Xbox Game Pass

Internet sleuths have teamed up to decipher yet another cryptic tweet from Xbox Game Pass on Twitter, revealing a new title joining the Game Pass ranks sometime this year.

At this stage, we’re pretty sure the ‘sinister red light’ is a reference to The Hiss, from Remedy Entertainment’s action-adventure game, Control. The Hiss is a hostile paranatural force, capable of possessing living things as well as paranatural objects and locations and is characterised by an ominous red light and visual sonic distortion.

In addition, after Control: The Ultimate Edition, went on sale for Black Friday last week, plenty of Xbox players were questioning whether the game would ever come to Game Pass, due to the developer’s close working relationship with Microsoft, explaining the quote, ‘which our fans won’t stop mentioning‘ in the above Tweet. It’s unclear whether the version of the game on Game Pass will be the standard or the Ultimate edition which includes a free Xbox Series X/S upgrade as well as two downloadable expansions.

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Admittedly, it’s all speculation at this point but we’re pretty sure we’re on the money with this one, or perhaps that’s just wishful thinking on our part since Control was listed as one of our top ten games of the generation, as voted by the Press Start team. You can check out what we had to say about it right here.