A New Starfield Video Has Dropped Talking About Exploration And The Huge Amount Of Dialogue

It's sounding impressive.

A new Starfield video has appeared featuring Bethesda’s Todd Howard answering a number of questions about the game. You can watch the video here (it’s unlisted for some reason).

He starts off by saying that he was inspired by classic RPGs such as Sundog and Traveler, before talking about whether the game is a proper science-fiction story. He says that it does have grounding in this area, but they have had made some concessions to ensure that the game is fun

“We were really into fuel and how the gravity drive works. And I’m reading papers on quantum physics and bending space in front of you. You don’t actually warp, you bend the space toward – you bring the space toward you. And so we were playing that and it became very punitive to the player. Your ship would run out of fuel and the game would just stop.” said Howard.

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“..We’ve recently changed it where the fuel in your ship and grav drive limits how far you could go at once, but it doesn’t run out at once” continued Howard.

Impressively, when speaking about the narrative, it was said that Starfield would have well over 250,000 dialogue lines, which is absolutely massive when you compare it to the fact that Fallout 4 has 110,000 lines and 60,000 in Skyrim.

It was also spoken about how you can remove negative character traits by completing quests. This is to make it so that you don’t need to restart an entire new character if there’s something you do that has a negative effect that isn’t what you intended.

Starfield launches in 2023 for Xbox Game Pass and PC.