Preview: Project Spark

Let your imagination run wild as you tailor a world to your taste. From creating hordes of goblins to packs of squirrel, from sieges to tower defenses, from pinball to puzzle games. The possibilities in Project Spark are only held back by your imagination.

Project Spark is so simple to use and yet so exhilarating to see. Watch your creation come to life as you add textures and environments to your world. It can be sculptured with the controller or the click of the mouse. YOU decide what you want, YOU decide how to play it, YOU decide your world.

spark 2
Available both on the Xbox ONE and Windows 8. What you create on the computer is synced to the Xbox and ready to be played instantaneously.

Project Spark has so much customisation that you really do get lost for words. Allowing you to edit anything that has a brain, you can make it interact how you desire. The world is shaped, the textures are added, the population increased, and you’re only just scratching the surface of what Project Spark can be.

Don’t worry if you’re not the most creative person, you can always use the Crossroads feature. The Crossroads feature allows you to pick through a number of scenarios and it will create it for you. Using Crossroads you can pick the type of landscape, from rivers to mountains. The type of surroundings, from forests to deserts. Now that you have an environment lets pick a time of day to play. You can choose morning, midday, and night, but wait; you can also pick the position of the sun. If you think that was cool just wait, You can also add effects to your world. Does black and white sound cool? What about sepia? or even saturated? All of this is in your control and you haven’t even started playing yet!

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Spark screen2
The Crossroads gives you a number of scenarios to choose from. Would you like to go on a hunt to find that specific item, or just run around killing things? That is completely up to you with the power of the Spark.

Project Spark is a community focused game. With people adding content every single day, you will find things you would have never thought possible. Adventure games next to Pinball games? Puzzle games next to tower defenses? These are just some of the things you will find from the community; play them as you please or edit them if you think you can make something a little better. You have the power to do this.

All you need is an imagination and a little Spark.