The Last Of Us Part 1 Questions Answered

Your The Last Of Us Part I Questions Answered

Endure and survive!

The Last Of Us Part I is finally out later this week. We put the call-out to see what you wanted to know about the game. We know that a lot of people have questions, like whether it’s worth the full retail asking price, how it stacks up to the original, and what Naughty Dog has done to improve performance. We’ve picked some of the better questions below and answered them below.

The Last of Us Part I is out this Friday. You can find our bargain guide HERE and our review HERE.

@reptilescorpio asks: How do the VRR and high frame rate modes play?

Shannon actually has a phenomenal article that goes into all of this stuff. 

@JAndyjames asks: Apart from graphical fidelity, are the changes to the game worth it?

Although the graphical improvements are profound, Naughty Dog has made substantial improvements to the game’s A.I. which does actually lead to far more dynamic combat encounters. Whether it’s “worth it” really is a subjective thing.

If you adore The Last of Us and want to re-experience the game, sure. But if money’s too tight to mention, it might be worth waiting for a price drop.

@StephenJMasters asks: What’s the value in buying the game for the third time?

Unless things like the immense graphical improvements and reworked combat encounters appeal to you, then the value probably isn’t there for you. But I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that Part I is the definitive version of The Last of Us.

You’d love to be a gamer who is in the market right now for a survival horror game that, for whatever reason, slept on it originally.

@Jessy03761764 asks: Is it worth the price and is the online mode still playable? If you can play online, can you play with the old versions of the game?<

The game’s much-lauded Factions mode is not included in this remake, though it remains available on the Remastered version that’s a part of PlayStation Plus so not all is lost.

@MatthewH26 asks: Has Left Behind been integrated into the main story or is it still separate?

It has not been integrated, it remains available from the main menu.

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I’d considered whether this would be the case prior to playing it and had hoped at one point for them to weave it into the larger narrative. But then I was just so enthralled during the Winter chapter that I couldn’t imagine them breaking up that pacing with the Ellie and Riley scenes.

@VendettaDuck asks: What does the hospital room look like, more like the remaster or Part II?

Certainly more like Part II.

@MarcusMMcIntyre asks: How long until it comes to PS Plus?

Although I’m short on hair, I assure you I’m not a crystal ball. I wouldn’t expect it in the next year is all I’d say.

Mark Emmanuel asks: What video options are there?

Refer below.

The Last Of Us Part 1

Jarrad Smith asks: How much do you deadlift?

It’s been a while since I’ve been, but uh, 9,000 or thereabouts?

Michael Leo Goldenberg asks: In regards to the PlayStation store’s digital deluxe version, are these items/upgrades obtainable in a physical version or a non-deluxe version?

All of the items below are either unlocked throughout regular gameplay, such as the skills and upgrades, while the modifiers, filters, extra modes, and skins do become available to you once you roll credits once on The Last of Us Part I.

The items Michael is referring to are below:

Michael Leo Goldenberg also asks: Is the prequel chapter Left Behind completely upgraded for PlayStation 5 as well?

Yes, all of the improvements that the team have applied to The Last of Us have also been applied to Left Behind.

David O’Sullivan asks: Have they removed multiplayer trophies off the trophy list?

Given there is no multiplayer mode in this remake, there are no multiplayer trophies. It’s an all new list.

Glenn Pirie asks: When is the new Factions multiplayer game coming out?

This is currently all we know about the multiplayer game set in the world of The Last of Us. We’re expecting to learn more next year.

The Last Of Us Part 1 is out on Friday, September 2nd. The cheapest copy is currently $98 with free shipping from Amazon.