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Silent Hill: The Short Message Has Resurfaced Via The Taiwan Ratings Board

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A new day, a new Silent Hill leak.

This time, a name we haven’t heard in a minute has returned and in much the same way as it appeared the first time around.

Back before Konami wowed the internet with four new major Silent Hill projects, the existence of something called “Silent Hill: The Short Message” was discovered thanks to a rating on the Korean Ratings Board. Interestingly, the Silent Hill showcase that followed mentioned nothing of the sort, leading us to wonder if The Short Message was an old codename or something that Konami simply wasn’t ready to show.

Cue the fine folks at Gematsu unearthing the goods once again with the news that another rating for Silent Hill: The Short Message has now appeared, this time via the Taiwan Digital Game Rating Committee:

Accompanying the listing is a small logo image and a short description of the game itself, which reads (machine-translated): “Anita came to an abandoned apartment in order to meet her friend Maya, and somehow woke up to find herself trapped in it. She must escape her own fears and the monsters lurking in the corridors, discover the truth behind the events she’s trapped in, and try to escape before her own trauma consumes her will to survive.”

silent hill the short message

The months and years ahead are certainly going to be interesting for Silent Hill fans with a brand new mainline game, a remake of Silent Hill 2, a spinoff from No Code and Annapurna Interactive, an “interactive experience” and a new movie all on the way.