The BioShock Games Look To Be Coming To Nintendo Switch

All three of the Bioshock games have popped up on the Taiwanese games rating board, prompting us to believe that they will be coming to Nintendo Switch.

Interestingly enough, the games have all been rated separately as well as ‘Bioshock: The Collection’n, which indicates that they might all release individually and together in a collection. This includes Bioshock 1, Bioshock 2 and Bioshock: Infinite.

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Obviously, this isn’t confirmation of the games, but with a looming Nintendo Direct coming, and Bioshock being one of the most successful franchises of recent times, it’d make complete sense. This goes with the recent Metro Redux Collection for Switch being rated as well.

2K recently announced that a new Bioshock game is on the way. 

Thanks, Lootpots.

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