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This First-Person Mod For The Last Of Us Part I On PC Looks Mighty Impressive

Joel of Duty

The Last of Us Part I hasn’t exactly had the best run since it launched on PC, but one obvious benefit of the game existing on the platform is we’re starting to see some pretty incredible mods. Although most of what’s out there now comes down to visual tweaks or fan-made quality-of-life changes, this new mod from Voyagers Revenge is very exciting.

In the below video, you’ll be able to see the work-in-progress mod that converts Naughty Dog’s remade blockbuster into a first-person game, putting players more firmly into Joel’s shoes than ever. It shows this off with a much more aggressive style of play than most The Last of Us players would be used to that fits the shifted viewpoint quite nicely. It might not be to everyone’s tastes, but there’s an impressive change in feel that’s evident even just from watching the game being played in first-person and it’s certainly something I’d be keen to try out at least once.

Voyagers Revenge say that the game is currently fully playable in this mode, including with aim-down-sights and UI elements that aren’t featured in the video, but there’s apparently still some work to be done before it’s made publicly available. Take a look for yourself:

In our original review of The Last of Us Part I on PS5, we said, “The Last of Us Part I is, for all intents and purposes, the same The Last of Us that you know. It doesn’t take liberties to completely reshape the experience and nor should it. It does, however, smartly enhance the original’s combat through A.I. advancements, and drags the original’s production values over the line to create a product that can stand unified with its more polished sequel. The Last Of Us: Part I is without doubt the most definitive version of The Last of Us on the market.”