The Top Fortnite ‘Ninja’ Streamer Is Earning $500,000 A Month

Ninja, who has been in the gaming scene for roughly 10 years (competing professionally in Halo, making YouTube videos) has recently hit the big time streaming Fortnite. You might know him from the massive Twitch last week where he was playing the game with Drake for a record 600,000 people.

Overnight in a internvew with CBNC, Ninja revealed that he was currently making about $500,000 a month, largely due to the Twitch Prime free subscription that every Amazon Prime users gets (which is huge in the States).

When asked about the reason for his popularity, he put it down to being good at the game (he currently has more wins than anyone else in the world) as well as his ability to not take himself too seriously (whilst not being too much of a douche).

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Honestly, it’d be easy to let the instant fame and money go to someone’s head, but Ninja AKA Tyler honestly seems like a genuinely good guy, and looks set to last the distance in the streaming world.