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Xbox Design Lab Now Offers Customisable Themed Controllers

Acquire a new controller!

Xbox Design Lab has been bolstering its controller customisation offerings quite regularly of late, further perpetuating the running gag that the company is making more new controllers than games, but driving the new-and-shiny-thing-lover in me absolutely bonkers.

This time around it’s a pretty big upgrade as well, with Xbox Design Lab now giving users the ability to grab fully custom Xbox Wireless Controller designs based on specific themes, each with their own unique art on the controller face and each with the ability to further customise the colours and designs should you wish to.

Kicking things off is a selection of five new Redfall designs, all based on the game’s cast of characters (and one vampire-inspired design) and available for a limited time only. These have the custom art on the top plate, plus a back plate that can be a selection of colours and features a few options for logo engraving, and then the majority of the usual Xbox Design Lab options for things like bumpers, face buttons, thumbsticks and more.

The Redfall designs start at $109.95, and you can have a tinker and order yours here.

“As you explore the thrilling world of Redfall, we are excited to bring you the newest additions to Xbox Design Lab with Redfall Limited Edition Designs inspired by the game’s characters. Choose from one of five inspired designs, each with its own curated color scheme to match.

“Take your pick from the four playable heroes, Layla Ellison – The Telekinetic Threat; Remi De La Rosa – The Ingenious Ingeniera; Devinder Crousley – The Verified Cryptid Hunter; or Jacob Boyer – The Deadeye with an Undead Eye. And for those who prefer to embrace the darkness, the fifth design, Bite Back, offers a vampire-inspired look complete with red fangs and side caps highlighting the town of Redfall before and after the vampire invasion.”

We went hands-on with Redfall in a single player capacity recently and came away tentatively eager to play more – you can read all about our experience with the game right here.

Redfall will launch on its new date of Friday, May 2nd for Xbox Series X|S and PC. It’ll launch into Game Pass day one, and MightyApe has the cheapest physical copy at $79 plus shipping.