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The Sonic The Hedgehog Crocs Are Available In Australia Now

Gotta go comfortable.

Update: The Sonic Crocs are now available in Australia. I repeat, the Sonic Crocs are now available in Australia.

Get ’em:

Crocs are back with another gaming collaboration, after already showing they’re at the cutting edge of gamer fashion with the Minecraft clogs.

This time, it’s a crossover with the most fashionable interstellar mammal, Sonic the Hedgehog. Crocs is gearing up to launch these very bold red-and-white Sonic-themed clogs in toddler, kids and adult sizes, alongside eight unique Jibitz that the fashion-forward among us can use to customise these and any other Crocs.

I’m particularly fond of the dashing sonic motif on the insoles and the Sonic the Hedgehog logo on the strap. Really good reminder that you’re wearing Sonic Crocs.

Take a look at the photos that have been circulating so far of the stunning footwear:

No word yet on whether these will be available locally, but they should hopefully pop up on the Crocs website soon, so keep checking back if you’re ready to look better than absolutely everybody else (at least from the ankles down).

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Sonic the Hedgehog fans are eating good in recent months, with the surprisingly-decent Sonic Frontiers doing great numbers and getting a slate of new, free content in the near future, four new Sonic-themed LEGO sets launching in August, an updated version of Sonic Origins coming with 12 added classic games and a Knuckles spin-off series headed to Paramount Plus.

We gave last year’s Sonic Frontiers a 7.5/10 in our review, saying “Sonic Frontiers is an unsteady first run at the open-world genre for the blue blur but Sonic Team has crafted something endearing and immensely enjoyable all the same. Its core systems are fun, making Sonic’s iconic speed an integral part of traversal and combat alike while paying homage to what has come before in its Cyber Space levels. It’s not perfect, but it tries its heart out and I come away with warm memories of an uneven game.”