Tekken 8

A New Tekken Game (Probably Tekken 8) Was Just Announced

Tekken 8 or something new?

A brand new Tekken game was just announced at EVO, although it’s not immediately clear if its Tekken 8 or something totally new.

A very brief teaser was shown with Kazuya in his PS1 form appearing before morphing into a hyper realistic Kazuya which was a complete contrast to the graphics that we knew in the earlier Tekken games. The teaser simply ended with the phrase “get ready”.

Fans have speculated that this could either be some kind of remake of the original, but it obviously could have just been a clever way to show how far the game has come. Geoff Keighley also retweeted the announcement from The Game Awards account prompting many to expect that an announcement at TGA would be likely, but he has quickly said that he doesn’t know anything more aside from what’s already been revealed.

Tekken 7 released in 2015, so it’s been eight years since the last game came out. Tekken 8 was also featured on the big list of NVIDIA’s leaked games, so we’ve been expecting this one for a long while. It’s unclear why it has taken so long for Tekken 8 to release after a fairly solid stream of Tekken games throughout the generations.

Obviously, we’ll let you know once we have more information about the game.