PS5 Games

Every PS5 Game That We Know About

The next generation is almost upon us. With no PS5 release date or price in sight, we now have a decent idea of what games will be coming to PS5 in the first 12-18 months. So far, there’s seven Sony Studios titles that have been revealed for the PS5 (although none have been dated outside of the fact that Spider-Man: Miles Morales is coming in 2020).

There’s also a healthy amount of console/timed exclusive PS5 games that are coming in 2020/2021, with the majority of these titles also coming to PC. These are headlined by Bethesda titles such as Ghostwire Tokyo/Deathloop, as well as Gearbox’s Godfall. Indie games such as Bugsnax and Kena: Bridge of Spirits are also part of this list.

Last on the list are the multiplatform games, which will be a little different this time around from any generation previously. About half of these titles are PS4 games that are getting free upgrades for the PS5. Titles such as Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Cyberpunk 2077 and Marvel’s Avengers will all be releasing on PS5 this holiday season and get free upgrades for PS5, whilst older titles such as Control and Doom also have free upgrades on the way.




Let us know if we’ve missed anything below. We will try and keep this updated in the lead-up to the PS5 launch and beyond.